Customizable Outdoor Lighting System

Gemstone lights on house

Heglar Creek Electric is an authorized dealer for beautiful Gemstone Lights. These lights offer all kinds of applications - including year-round architectural lighting, security lighting, and Christmas/holiday lighting.

Gemstone Lights are smart, LED lights that provide a customizable, professional, permanent lighting system for your home or business.

Top Features of Gemstone Lights

  • Architectural lighting for your entire home or building

  • Fully customizable color options and patterns, including warm white

  • Each light can be controlled individually

  • Individual waterproof connections

  • Options for sunset and sunrise, and dimmable settings

  • A cloud-based Hub controller connected to the internet offers customizable settings

  • A custom software application that controls the cloud-enabled lights

  • 5-year product warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Each light operates with a 23 lumens/lamp (light), 98/meter, 30/feet.


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Gemstone lights on house
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