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Gemstone Lights

Twin Falls, Burley, & Pocatello

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Heglar Creek Electric is an authorized dealer for beautiful Gemstone Lights. These lights offer all kinds of applications - including year-round architectural lighting, security lighting, and Christmas/holiday lighting.

Gemstone Lights are smart, LED lights that provide a customizable, professional, permanent lighting system for your home or business.

Gemstone Lights Features

  • Architectural lighting for your entire home or building

  • Fully customizable color options and patterns, including warm white

  • Each light can be controlled individually

  • Individual waterproof connections

  • Options for sunset and sunrise, and dimmable settings

  • A cloud-based Hub controller connected to the internet offers customizable settings

  • A custom software application that controls the cloud-enabled lights

  • 5-year product warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Each light operates with a 23 lumens/lamp (light), 98/meter, 30/feet.

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The Gemstone Light Difference

Gemstone Lights is a company that specializes in providing customizable outdoor lighting solutions. They offer a range of products and services that allow customers to enhance the aesthetics of their homes, landscapes, and buildings using innovative lighting technology. Gemstone Lights' systems are designed to be versatile, energy-efficient, and controllable through mobile applications.

Gemstone Lights utilizes LED lighting technology, which offers numerous advantages such as energy efficiency, long lifespan, and vibrant color options. Their lighting systems consist of individual light fixtures, referred to as "Gemstones," that can be installed in various configurations to suit different architectural styles and personal preferences.

One of the key features of Gemstone Lights is their RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color-changing capability. This means that users can select from a wide spectrum of colors to create different lighting effects and moods. The lights can also be programmed to transition between colors or perform dynamic lighting patterns, allowing for a dynamic and visually appealing display.

Gemstone Lights' systems are typically controlled through a mobile application. The app provides an intuitive interface for managing and customizing the lighting settings. Users can create schedules to automate the lighting based on specific times or events, adjust colors and brightness levels, and synchronize multiple lights to create a cohesive lighting design.

In addition to color-changing capabilities, Gemstone Lights also offer white light options, allowing users to illuminate their spaces with traditional, warm white lighting for everyday use. This versatility makes their lighting systems suitable for a wide range of applications, including accent lighting, landscape lighting, holiday lighting, and architectural lighting.

Gemstone Lights' products are known for their durability and weather resistance, making them suitable for outdoor installations. The lights are designed to withstand various environmental conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.

The company provides professional installation services for their lighting systems, ensuring proper setup and configuration. They also offer technical support and assistance to help customers make the most of their lighting installations.

Gemstone Lights has gained popularity among homeowners, businesses, and lighting enthusiasts who are looking to enhance their outdoor spaces with vibrant and customizable lighting solutions. Their products have been used in residential properties, commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, and other establishments worldwide. If you are looking for Gemstone Lights in Burley, Twin Falls, and Pocatello look no further than Heglar Creek Electric.