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Agricultural Electrical

The modern dairy farm depends on reliable electrical systems for the lights, pumps, heating systems, and more. Our team has over 50 years of electrical work and combined experience with agricultural contracting. Providing service to dairies large and small, our mission is to profitably assist our customers in realizing their goals electrically.  We field a fully qualified staff of electricians, with extensive experience implementing and servicing agribusiness solutions. 


Prompt Service for Electrical Irrigation Systems

An underground short can shut down your irrigation system for days at a time, and we know how valuable that growing time is to you. That's why Heglar Creek Electric is specialized in finding and repairing underground shorts, faults, and other irrigation system electrical problems.

Not many companies have that skill and equipment.


Irrigation Electrical

We understand the challenges facing today's agricultural industry and have the knowledge you need to solve any irrigation electrical concern you may be facing. We offer the finest products and are ready to provide you with the commitment and expertise that only we can bring. 

Service for All Agricultural Electrics


  • Irrigation Wiring Installation

  • Irrigation Electrical System Repairs

  • Variable Frequency Drive Installation and Repair

  • Underground Short Repair

    Using State of the Art Locating Equipment

And Specialized Wiring for Dairy Farms


  • Lighting

  • Ventilation Fans

  • Heating and Cooling Systems

  • Milk Pumping and Handling Systems

    Using State of the Art Locating Equipment

  • Backup Power Systems

  • Manure Handling Systems

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